Camp Rules & Dog Guidelines

Wag It reserves the right to ask any participant to leave the grounds because of dangerous, disruptive or unmanageable behavior, not abiding by camp rules or a health risk. (Without refund) 

  • Dogs must have
    • Basic manners
    • Be comfortable in a group setting
      • Not be reactive, fearful or have any history of aggression
  • Dogs will remain on leash at all times unless 
    • Necessary for a workshop activity 
    • In designated “Free Play” areas
  • Retractable leads are not allowed on grounds.
  • This is a positive training event.
    • Harsh corrections are not allowed. (A harsh correction is defined as one that generates a significant negative response from a dog or offends the sensibilities of camp staff).
    • Shock, pinch and prong collars are not allowed on grounds.
  • Dogs left in cabins without supervision will be confined to an appropriate dog crate. (Not uncovered exercise pens)
  • Dogs will not be tethered or tied without supervision.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the dining hall. 
  • No excessive barking is allowed on the grounds. (barking lasting more than five minutes or repeated outburst that are disruptive to sessions).
  • Always clean up after your dog. 
  • Wag It Camp is a smoke free event. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the grounds. 
  • No space heaters are allowed in cabins.
  • Alcohol is allowed on the premises. Alcohol must be used responsibly and intoxication is not acceptable. 

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