Staff - 2017


Sumac Grant-Johnson CPDT-KA

Wag It Camp Founder

Lincolnville, ME

Sumac with inspiration from her Border Collie Phoebe founded both Wag It Games and Wag It Camp. She has been training dogs for 40 years and teaching professionally for 25. She has been named Maine Dog trainer of the year, appeared on Disney’s “That’s My Dog” and “Fetch” on PBS. She has been invited to present at Suzanne Clothiers Trainers Workshop and presented at the Association of Professional Dog Trainers national conferences. Sumac owns Wag It Training Center,  offers seminars,  and online training internationally offing tools to help instructors become the best they can be. Sumac strives to offer training that leads towards the owners goals through a process that is absolutely fa joy for both dog and owner. 

Carolyn Ross CPDT-KA

Buxton, Maine
Carolyn is a gifted trainer offering her students positive approaches to whatever challenge they may face. She is a Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner and a World Cynosport Rally judge. She participates in many activities with her dogs including: Rally, Rally Free, agility, hiking and swimming. Carolyn is a vital part of the Wag It Games Advisory Committee and often co-presents with Sumac.Carolyn offers classes and offers private consultations in the greater Portland area. 

Tracy Snow-Cormier 
Portage, ME

Tracy Snow-Cormier has a passion for learning and a gift for sharing her knowledge in a manner that is easy to understand and put into action. She began dabbling in canine conditioning in 2006. Her dogs Maggie & Haley inspired a deeper dedication to after Maggie lost leg to cancer and Haley suffered a shoulder injury. Tracy has consulted and trained under Debbie Torraca and Bobbie Lyons as well as attended seminars with Pat Hasting. Tracy has competed in agility and Rally Obedience.​

Chrissy Hughes 
Woonsocket, RI

Chrissy Hughes is hooked on the Wag it Games. She is a strong believer in fostering positive relationships with our canine companions and feels that Wag It Games really promotes such relationships. Chrissy has trained her Australian Shepherd in various Wag It Games, Agility, Obedience and Treibball. They compete in ASCA and WCR Rally, earning several titles to date. Chrissy is a Wag It Games Instructor and teaches Wag It Dog Ball in Massachusetts and online for Wag It Games. Her enthusiasm for life and love of working with her canine partner will be felt by all.

Mary Jolly
Franklin, NH

Mary Jolly is a Reiki Master-Teacher, certified Canine Kinaesthetics practitioner and certified Integrated Movement Practitioner. Mary believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when in balance. The techniques she practices assist in balancing, restoring and maintaining the body’s muscular and structural integrity as well as unravel training and behavioral puzzles, relieving discomfort, pain and restricted movement. Mary’s passion has led her to work with animals as a whole to achieve optimal health and wellness. Mary will offer workshops and private sessions.

Dotty Dudley

Presque Isle, ME

Dotty’s smile and laughter are legendary and shines through in her teaching philosophy that having fun is a vital part of learning. Her 35 years of experience teaching people combined with her years of experience in dog training, dog sports and horses make for a well rounded and creative instructor. Dotty is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Master Wag It Games instructor/judge and the Wag It Games Video Trial Manager. She has participated in a variety of dog sports and activities including Rally Obedience, agility, hiking and skijoring.​​

Rita Pirrotta

​Winslow, ME

Rita Pirrotta is a Certified Dog Trainer from Animal Behavior College, certified Wag Ig Games instructor and director of the Wag It Games Video Trailing program. Rita is a CGC Evaluator, Love on the Leash Therapy Dog evaluator and a founding member of the Kennebec Chapter of LOAL. She participates in regular visits to Nursing Homes, Veterans Facilities, Children's Centers (for special needs children), libraries and local schools. 

Rita combines her over 40 years of nursing experience with her 7 years of as a Certified in American Red Cross Pet First Aide instructor to her wonderful Canine first Aid presentations. 

Leanne McGaughey Rubchinuk KPA-CTP
Nottingham, NH
While Leanne’s passion for animals started with horses, it has now expanded to include their canine counterparts thanks to a difficult dog coming into her life. Leanne is a certified training partner through the Karen Pryor Academy and holds her bachelors in Equine Science from the University of New Hampshire. She enjoys helping her clients learn to foster positive relationships with their animals as well as enrich their daily lives. Leanne is also an AKC evaluator and enjoys competing through performance scent dogs with her personal dog, Millie, in canine nosework. 

Donna Kelliher

Boston, MA

Donna is owner of Donna Kelliher Photography. She combines her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography with 15 years as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  She will bring out the best in your furry pal to create images that you’ll treasure forever. Donna's photographs have been featured on the cover of numerous national magazines including Dog World, Dog Sport and Clean Run. She looks forward to meeting and working with you and your pups!

Daryl Conner

Appleton, Maine

Daryl Conner is a certified Petcare Dermatech Specialist, Master Pet Stylist, Meritus and Certified Master Cat Groomer. She writes monthly articles for Groomer to Groomer magazine and is a frequent contributor to other grooming publications. Daryl is the author of the book Practical Grooming Tips and co-author of Holistic Pet Grooming. She is the recipient of multiple awards in the grooming industry. Known for her fun and informative educational classes at grooming shows across the country, Daryl's grounded, friendly style makes her an approachable and popular teacher. With more than 34 years of grooming experience, her abiding love of animals and passion for the trade radiates out to everyone she touches through her work.