Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring my young puppy to camp?
    • Yes yes yes. Wag It Camp is a great place for puppies to build skills, confidence and socialize. 

  • Is this camp good for my senior or disabled dog?
    • Yes Yes yes. Many workshops are appropriate for senior and/or disabled dogs and staff is happy to adjust to support your dog's needs when ever possible.

  • What vaccinations are required for camper dogs?
    • Rabies vaccination is required by the state of NH.

  • Is there Cel Service at Camp?
    • Yes. Campers have found service accessible with the majority of providers. 

  • Is there WiFi at Camp?
    • ​The bunk houses and dinning hall have WiFi. Cottages and other locations around camp have various levels of WIfi access. 

  • Is there refrigerator and/or freezer space for camper use?
    • ​Yes there is a walk in refrigerator and freezer that campers may make use of. All items must be in containers labeled with your name. ​

  • What does the Camp Theme mean to me?
    • Campers are encouraged to bring related items for themselves or their dogs to wear.
    • Silly Human Games and Yappy Hour will include the camp theme.
    • ​Barks and Crafts may relate to the camp theme.
    • Interested campers gather in the morning on the beach to make a silly camp video that will include a song related to the camp theme. 

  • What is the refund policy?
    • Deposits are non refundable
      June 1 through July 1 balance payments will be refunded only if a wait list exists for your accommodation and your space can be filled.
      No refunds after July 1
      No refunds offered on registrations made with any special pricing.

  • Can I bring a space heater?
    • No. Space heaters are not allowed.

  • Can I bring a boat or paddle board?
    • Were sorry but this is not an option.

  • Can I come arrive early or stay an extra night?
    • We are not able to offer this option.